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French Milk by Lucy Knisley

In French Milk, Lucy Knisley writes about her experience living in Paris with her mother for six weeks. As a graphic artist, she draws brief scenes taken from her day—details of the food she eats, the markets she visits, and the art … Continue reading

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Batman: the Court of Owls

For years, Batman has protected Gotham City from the darkness that seeks to destroy it. Within this darkness is the Court of Owls, an urban legend that tells of a shadowy conspiracy ruling Gotham City for centuries. Now the Court has … Continue reading

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Fables Volume One: Legends in Exile by Bill Willingham

Fables tells the story of fairy tale characters who have been forced to leave their magical homelands and relocate in our world. An underground government of sorts is set up with Old King Cole as the nominal head and Snow … Continue reading

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A Parent’s Guide to The Best KIDS COMICS by Scott Robbins

Do you love comic books? Do your kids like to read “Graphic Novels”?  This guide will help with understanding what different kinds of comic books there are for all readers. The first chapter explains how to use the book. The … Continue reading

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Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle

On June 16, Burmese opposition leader and newly elected lawmaker Aung San Suu Kyi finally got a chance to deliver her acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize. Suu Kyi was awarded the prize back in 1991, when she was … Continue reading

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Robot Dreams, by Sara Varon

A colleague urged me to read this 2007 graphic novel – which I ended up doing in one sitting. Although classified as fiction for young adults, I found it irresistible, and it’s been a few decades since anyone could consider … Continue reading

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American Vampire, by Scott Snyder

Steven King and I agree that Scott Snyder has written a wonderful, fresh take on vampires.  Steve liked it so much that he asked – yes, asked! – if he could contribute.  Together, Snyder and King, along with illustrator Rafael … Continue reading

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Wilson, by Daniel Clowes

Daniel Clowes’ masterpiece, in my opinion, is Ghost World, his graphic novel about a youthful social misfit named Enid. (The credible film adaptation was aided considerably by the acting talents of Thora Birch.) But Clowes’ new graphic novel, Wilson, is … Continue reading

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Clover (Omnibus Edition) by CLAMP

If you like manga, you’ve probably heard of the artistic group Clamp. If you’re new to graphic fiction, Clamp makes for an excellent introduction to Japanese comics, as their ability to cross genres provides something for every age group and … Continue reading

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More Niffenegger!

You might remember my appreciation for last year’s Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. She has a graphic novel coming out this fall called The Night Bookmobile and I think it looks every bit as mysterious and wonderful as her … Continue reading

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