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Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney

Tom is the seventh son of a seventh son, which means two things: one, his father is all out of tradesmen to apprentice his sons to.  And two, Tom can hear the dead.  These two things mean that Tom is going to … Continue reading

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The Bards of Bone Plain by Patricia A. McKillip

Readers who are accustomed to McKillip’s intricate tales of fantasy might be turned off by the more modern setting, but the magic in Bone Plain quickly shines through. What begins as a world where bards are mere historians transforms into … Continue reading

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Spaced (DVD)

British television is fashionable nowadays. Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and Doctor Who exemplify the latest trend in Trans-Atlantic entertainment. But before BBC America went gangbusters, there were several British comedies from the late 90s and early 00s that have since either created American spin-offs (The … Continue reading

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The Christmas Chronicles: the Legend of Santa Claus by Tim Slover

In the 14th Century, Klaus lives the life of a simple woodcarver who begins to carve toys for all the children of his village after the Black Death strikes his village. In the years to come, his fame spreads through … Continue reading

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Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman

I’m generally proud of myself when I successfully make it home after a Saturday stop at my local wholesale store, but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the fantastical adventures that ensue during this run to the corner … Continue reading

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The Tapestry Series by Henry H. Neff

Once upon a time, Max McDainels was just a normal kid living in Chicago with his loving father. Then one day, while visiting the museum, he saw a magical tapestry that forever changed his life. Now Max is a student … Continue reading

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Altered by Gennifer Albin

Altered picks up immediately where Crewel left off. Adelice, Jost and Erik are on Earth and searching for a way to get back to Arras to save the ones they left behind and overthrow the Guild. They find themselves in the middle of a rebellion they … Continue reading

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The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

Roshar is a world beset by powerful and devastating storms. Yet these are minor compared the desolation that is about to come this world. To face the oncoming devastation, a lowly slave, a would-be-thief, and a weary soldier, must find the … Continue reading

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The Lost Sun by Tessa Gratton

The time is now, but the world is more than a little different. The United States were settled and established by Scandinavians who worshipped the Norse gods–who are very real and very active in the world. And so you get … Continue reading

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Warehouse 13 (DVD)

Warehouse 13 stores and safeguards objects imbued with magical powers. Gandhi’s sandals bring a sense of peace, Marilyn Monroe’s hairbrush can turn your hair blond, an ancient Roman coin can erase memories. These objects can be healing, frivolous, or extremely dangerous, … Continue reading

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