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West With the Night by Beryl Markham

West With the Night is a literary time capsule that transports the listener to the African plains of the early 1900’s.  Those lucky enough to listen to this book will be captivated as Julie Harris so gently reads Beryl Markham’s … Continue reading

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Coming Clean by Kimberly Rae Miller

Most of us have a general sense of what hoarding is, from popular TV shows such as Hoarders and other news programs. We’ve seen the pictures and heard the horror stories of the type of conditions that people live in when they … Continue reading

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Shatner Rules: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large by William Shatner

Similar to Tina Fay’s Bossy Pants, William Shatner’s Shatner Rules might possibly be better in audio than written form. Narrated by the great Captain Kirk himself, the audio version feels as if you’re watching a personal interview with Mr. Shatner. Whether reading or listening, if … Continue reading

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Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations by Peter Evans

Biographer Peter Evans might have published the definitive biography of Ava Gardner around the time of her death in 1990, but Gardner backed out after learning that former husband, Frank Sinatra, sued Evans about an earlier manuscript suggesting that Sinatra … Continue reading

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Drop Dead Healthy: One Man’s Humble Quest for Bodily Perfection by A. J. Jacobs (CD Audio)

I’ve been a fan of A. .J. Jacobs since I read 2007’s hilarious and thought-provoking The Year of Living Biblically, so I anticipated enjoying the author’s latest quest for self-improvement, Drop Dead Healthy.  I wasn’t disappointed.  A. .J. Jacobs chronicles … Continue reading

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Black Postcards: A Rock & Roll Romance by Dean Wareham

Frontman for bands Galaxie 500 and Luna, Dean Wareham chronicles his life before, during and after the breakup of both of his bands, as well as his first marriage. Black Postcards is written simply, honestly, and Wareham is up front … Continue reading

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Blood, Bones, and Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef by Gabrielle Hamilton

Blood, Bones, and Butter—the title piqued my curiosity.  For the audiobook, Hamilton has a pretty straight tone as a reader, which made me hesitant at first, but it’s true to her personality and works surprisingly well for me as a … Continue reading

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What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann (DVD)

You may remember Sally Mann from a book of photographs published in the 1990s. The book includes a number of photographs of Mann’s children hanging out, without clothing, near the family’s cabin beside a lake. The photographs were hailed by … Continue reading

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I Wish I were Engulfed in Flames: My Insane Life Raising Two Boys With Autism by Jeni Decker

Jeni Decker, mother of two and independent filmmaker has found herself living a life she never imagined: raising two sons both with diagnoses on the autism spectrum, the wife of a husband who doesn’t know what to do with these … Continue reading

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Spoken From the Heart by Laura Bush

Beautifully written, Spoken from the Heart is aptly named, as it tells the life story of first Lady Laura Bush in her trademark soft spoken, sophisticated way.  It reads like a letter from home.  As expected, she describes her early life … Continue reading

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