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A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry

A Fine Balance equals Slumdog Millionaire minus the joyful singing and dancing at the end.  Dina Dalal, a strong-willed widow, defies her bother by living in her dead husband’s flat and refusing to get married. Omprakash and Ishvar, nephew and … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions – Fitness

If your New Year’s resolution is going to be to get in shape, try some of the titles from Helen’s video reviews: New Year\’s Resolutions – Fitness Then, tell us about your favorites in the comments!

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The social agent: A True Intrigue of Sex, Spies and Heartbreak Behind the Iron Curtain by Charles Laurence

As a child of the British Ambassador, the author of this book grew up in 1950s Prague. Today as an accomplished journalist, he returned to discover the truth about childhood memories that have haunted him all his life. In this … Continue reading

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Practical Jean by Trevor Cole

Ceramics artist Jean Horemarsh has just spent 3 months caring for her mother who is dying of a terrible cancer. The ordeal has left her exhausted and thoughtful. After her mother dies, Jean returns to her own home and her … Continue reading

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The Hypnotist by Lars Keplar

Dr. Erik Maria Bark has sworn never to hypnotize a patient again.  Then Detective Joona phones about a triple homicide in which a single survivor may be able to identify the killer and save another possible target.  Joona and the … Continue reading

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Trackers by Deon Meyer

Deon Meyer’s Trackers is an ingenious hybrid novel that marries the spy thriller to the private detective mystery with stunning success. Set in Cape Town, South Africa, the complex plot merges issues of global significance with the individual struggles of … Continue reading

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When She Woke by Hillary Jordan

In the not too distant future, overcrowded jails and a weak economy have led to a radical new punishment for criminals – their skin color is genetically altered, a different color for different crimes.  Hannah Payne, dutiful daughter and devoted … Continue reading

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Crossbones by Nuruddin Farah

In Crossbones, two Americans from Minneapolis’ Somali expatriate community, in search of a runaway teenager, navigate the dangerous Mogadishu – a city torn apart by civil war, criminal anarchy, and religious extremists.  One of the men, Malik, a war correspondent, … Continue reading

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The Christmas Journey by Donna VanLiere

If you are looking for an inspirational story to read this holiday season and you are short on time, I suggest Donna VanLiere’s beautifully written and illustrated book, The Christmas Journey. Donna VanLiere begins her book with the actual Luke’s … Continue reading

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The Lost King of France: A True Story of Revolution, Revenge and DNA by Deborah Cadbury

This book could be called a modern science mystery.  It follows the story of Louis XVII, son of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, and his older sister.  While his sister survived her imprisonment, remarried and continued her life as part of … Continue reading

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