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Scott Pilgrim

After hearing Wil Wheaton mention how much he loved Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley, I decided to check out a comic I probably wouldn’t have given a second look to otherwise. And I’m very glad I did. I blazed … Continue reading

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The Pretend Wife by Bridget Asher

When Gwen Merchant unexpectedly bumps into Elliot Hull, a man whom she had dated furiously for three weeks during college, her seemingly perfect life and perfect marriage are dragged under a microscope for examination. It isn’t until what could have … Continue reading

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Resolved – documentary film

In the vein of documentary films Spellbound and Mad Hot Ballroom, Resolved follows high school debate teams over a period of two years all the way to the tournament of champions. With the exception of one team, all were from … Continue reading

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