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Beautiful Boy by David Sheff

David Sheff shares the heart-breaking story of his son Nic’s tenuous life on drugs. Interwoven in the story are the results of research and studies about kids from shared custody homes, the affects of drugs (especially Methamphetamine) on the human … Continue reading

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The Daily Coyote: a Story of Love, Survival, and Trust in the Wilds of Wyoming by Shreve Stockton

On a whim, after passing through Wyoming on her way home to New York, Shreve Stockton decides to pack it all in and move to this absolutely foreign place. There, she discovers a life far different from what she had … Continue reading

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Mouse Guard: Fall 1152

David Petersen has created a nice piece of work in Mouse Guard. He’s written a solid, straightforward adventure drama and illustrated it with some of the most beautiful comics artwork I’ve ever seen. Mouse Guard is about a quasi-Medieval society … Continue reading

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  In the mid-1990s, Alan Moore (yes, the guy who wrote Watchmen) took over writing a comic called Supreme and completely reworked it, turning it into something amazing and fun. His Supreme stories have been collected in two volumes, Supreme: … Continue reading

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