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Wesley the Owl: the Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl by Stacey O’Brien

As a researcher at Cal Tech in 1985, Stacey O’Brien made an easy target when a four day old barn owl with an injured wing needed a permanent home. After Wesley had consumed Stacey’s life I have to wonder if, … Continue reading

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Aftermath by Brian Shawver

When Casey Fielder, manager of the local O’Ruddy’s restaurant, allows a fight between the privileged St. Brendan’s kids and those from the public high school to escalate, his inaction puts him at risk of being charged with negligence. As a … Continue reading

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This Boy’s Life: a Memoir by Tobias Wolff

This memoir would be overwhelmingly sad for me, had I not already read Old School by the same author and know that he becomes a successful author and teacher of literature at Stanford. But if you didn’t know that this … Continue reading

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The movie Watchmen is out now, and I’m really excited to see it. The comic originally came out as a twelve-issue limited series when I was in high school, and I read every issue many, many times. I even studied … Continue reading

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